Air Faction

The Air Faction is the public face of The Elemental Cabal. Led by Elemental Lord Stratos, the Air Faction is responsible for recruiting new members, as well as hosting mud wide events.


  • Jennie
  • Liathum


Air will be responsible for communications/relations. This would cover applicants, recruiting, clan disputes (both internal and external), clan relations, and the general public image of the clan.


Air members will hold various events on the MUD at their own discretion, these may include, but are not limited to: Clan Fairs to encourage Clan applications, Trivia, Treasure Hunts, etc. (These can not be requested, they are entirely at the members discretion.)

Air members are available for Mediations in arguments as a neutral party (between clans or players).


  1. Mediations are a payable service, the member will set a cost dependent on who/what is involved, payment is required up front.
  2. Payment is non-refundable regardless of the outcome.
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