Fire Faction

The Fire Faction is the Offensive side of The Elemental Cabal. Led by Elemental Lord Pyros, the Fire Faction, is responsible for leading the Cabal through raids and wars.

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Fire will be responsible for the offensive aspects of the clan; acts of vengeance and/or retaliation, raiding, warring, and general PK.


Fire’s members are available for Hired PK’s against another clanned player.


  1. The target can not be in a clan friendly/allied with the Cabal.
  2. Payment will be decided by the Fire member (dependent on target) and is required up front.
  3. If the Fire member is unable to complete the PK within a mutually agreed time frame, you are eligible for a 75% refund. The remaining 25% is to cover costs incurred during any attempts.
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