Water Faction

The Water Faction is the knowledge-oriented side of The Elemental Cabal. Lead by Elemental Lord Hydros, the Water Faction is responsible for upkeep of the clan hall, webpage and members board, as well as equiment manipulation.


  • Fischer


Water will be the more knowledge-oriented faction. They will be responsible for exploration and mapping, as well as writing descriptions for the clan hall and its mobs. Water also maintains the Cabal .


Water members are available for EQ Enhancements, (Resonate/Illuminate/Solidify/Sharpen/Enhance Armor etc)Water members are also available for EQ/Item retrievals from around the MUD.


  1. No ‘Area Quest’ EQ.
  2. No ‘Reboot Only’ EQ.
  3. Cost is determined by member and is payable on delivery of Item.
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