Joining Requirement

The Elemental Cabal encourages prospective members to bear in mind its long-standing traditions and to embrace them as they can:

The Elemental Cabal encourages members to be able to wield the elements (as signified by Mage or Ranger class), but we understand that a member might instead prioritize other classes for ease-of-play.

The Elemental Cabal favors neutrality, but we also know that partiality has its place, and we’ve adjusted our clan alliances so that our members may participate in raids.

The Elemental Cabal avoids uncivil, trollish, and spammy conduct on public channels, but we know that interacting with others is part of the experience and can be both fruitful and fun.

The Elemental Cabal discourages excessive vulgarity and personal attacks, but we realize that personalities differ, and that anyone can get angry or frustrated and profanities will sometimes fly.

Through our decisions and actions, we continually strive to conquer the challenge of returning balance and harmony to the Multiverse.

Joining the Cabal

Cabal is officially recruiting 4 months out of the year: February, May, August, November. We do, however, accept applications at any time. If we are not officially recruiting the month in which you apply, all numerical requirements are doubled unless you are sponsored by a current member. If you wish to join us, and meet the following requirements:

  • 700 Levels
  • 500 Quests Complete
  • 10,000 Quest Points earned

you can apply by sending us a note on the personal board.

Your application should include the following information:

  • History of character in Aardwolf, including being a member of any clan before
  • How long you have been playing Aardwolf for, any if you have any special mud-based specialities
  • What you can bring to the clan
  • What you want to get out of the clan
  • Any alts; if so, who they are, and whether they have been clanned (This information can be posted to the leaders ONLY if desired)

These are just minimum guides and starting points. Be creative, illustrative. Impress and dazzle us. A good application will go a long way towards improving chances of acceptance. A poor application will likewise decrease the chances of joining our ranks. If it is later revealed that you lied on any part of your application, your application will be denied and/or you will be outcast with the ability to reapply with the correct information given to the clan.

After a player has applied, a leader will check their application against the clan’s requirements. ¬†If they qualify, a leader will contact them within 1-2 days and invite them to seek out interviews with current clan members. After allowing a period of time for interviews, the clan will vote on admittance. ¬†Applicants should expect the entire process to take approximately two weeks.

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